What We Do

What We Do

BFM strives to change lives and empowers you to change the world.


Through Activities:

Through Materials:

  • Books
  • Devotionals
  • Music

No matter what the age range, size, background, or purpose of your audience, and regardless the nature of your particular event, we have a Message that’s just right for you. Already, Matt has been the motivational speaker for a variety of public school openings, inservice days, high school graduation or baccalaureate ceremonies, youth rallies, government functions, awards dinners, recognition nights, churches, business meetings, round table discussions, conferences, and more, and the message is unique for each. Most times, the events include a powerful message enriched by interactive multimedia presentations, audience participation activities, humor, and music specific to the theme or occasion.

More on What to Expect

So exactly what will a BFM message be like? Good question. It is our mission, and the purpose of our messages, to change lives and empower you to change the world, and we go about it in some awesome and unique ways that set us apart from others in our field, including but not limited to:

  • Check-in Before:
  • We’ll talk with you and your staff or even pay you a visit before we deliver our message, so we can design a presentation from the ground up that’s perfect for you and your group.

  • Up-to-date Messages:
  • Our themes, and our way of presenting them, are current and contemporary – even hip (yes we really just said “hip”), yet they’re timeless messages that everyone needs to hear.

  • Messages enriched with Music:
  • Vocal performance abounds in every Blind Faith Ministries message, providing an unmatched emotional connection between the speaker and the audience.

  • We Make It Personal:
  • We know how to relate to every audience we speak to, and we do it through a variety of activities, icebreakers, and of course we even use humor. Who doesn’t?

  • Chatroom:
  • You absolutely must read about this one! It allows the audience to be in charge of the direction of the discussion, so everyone will become involved and every life has the opportunity to be changed!

  • Follow-ups:
  • Of course we can also visit your group to see how things are going after the presentation – providing customized recommendations, materials, or even additional messages and seminars to fit your unique situation.

If you have an event, we can help!!

If you prefer, give us the basic purpose of your event and the nature of your group and then leave the driving to us. We will create the perfect message to inspire and motivate. Alternatively, become more involved by providing us with details about the audience and what you feel they need to hear. Yet it doesn’t stop there. We don’t just come in, share our message, and then leave, unless that’s your preference. Optionally, we can begin our work ahead of time by visiting your group and seeing for ourselves what their needs may be. Perhaps even more importantly, we can follow-up with the entire group or with individual people in any one of a number of ways. It’s fine to be motivated at the Friday night rally, but what do you do on Monday? How do you keep the positive outlook alive and nurture your group to reach their potential? If you prefer, we can handle that too. If you’re not looking for a message event but you just want a more informal, casual, and entertaining function, such as at your picnic, family reunion, birthday party, retirement dinner, etc, Matt is available for concerts too. He often performs a variety of popular music from yesterday and today, but his musical selections can too be tailored to fit your needs. We even offer special, comedy and music events which can be used as tributes or recognitions. Want to celebrate that teacher’s retirement or that couple’s 50th wedding anniversary with a combination of music, humor, and tribute? We have you covered. If we haven’t addressed your particular type of request yet, no worries, just ask.

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