What Others Are Saying

About the “Speaker” 

“Matt Vollbrecht’s mere presence is extremely motivational.  His life’s journey is an inspiration to me and to anyone who hears his message or makes his acquaintance.  Matt has a terrific voice, great humor and a wonderful story to tell!  I am among those who are blessed to call him friend.” …Dr. Gerald L. Zahorchak, Superintendent Johnstown Area School District and former Secretary, Pennsylvania Department of Education

“I have heard Matthew speak and sing at events which took place from 2006 to the present – the most recent being last week. You are in for a treat with Matthew Vollbrecht.  Not only is he a WORLD CLASS singer, he is an accomplished speaker who is able to connect to audiences of all ages in a way that inspires and motivates.  Not only is he articulate, he is wise beyond his years and he will relate that wisdom with wit and humor.  Matthew will leave you wanting to do more with what you have and better for those around you.  His heart is pure and his life is his testimony.  You will be glad you hired Matthew to bring out the best of the people in your organization.” …James W. Scott, Ed. D., Former Superintendent and Intermediate Unit Executive Director

“I’ve heard Matthew speak and sing many times. I watched him speak at a youth event recently, and I was watching the reaction of the students almost as much as I was watching his speech. They never seemed bored or disinterested. They laughed at the appropriate times, responded positively, and were surprisingly engaged and attentive. To me this speaks volumes.”…Adam R. Whisel, Principal, Fannett-Metal Middle/High School

“Matt came to our school last month to speak to our junior high students. His message was powerful and uplifting. Prior to Matt’s message, I thought I was just coming to “babysit” my students and to make sure there was no trouble during the presentation. By the time Matthew was done speaking, I was ready to follow my dreams. He reminded us that we can do anything if we truly believe it and work hard enough.”…Benjamin Young, teacher of Mathematics, Forbes Road High School

“Matthew Vollbrecht spoke to our seventh, eighth, and ninth graders last month.  Matt is a natural presenter.  He relates well to his audience by using both his creativity and his great sense of humor to keep his listeners on the edge of their seats.  Matthew always delivers a powerful message from start to finish.  His messages are the type that all of us, especially our impressionable children, need to hear more and more.”  …Christina Ramsey, Principal, Forbes Road High School

About the “Singer” 

“I can say without hesitation, your performance was outstanding.  You were an effortless hit and you must know it from the reaction of the audience. …You brought joy and musical magic with your gift.” …Eddie Foy, III, National Talent Executive, Jerry Lewis MDA, Labor Day Telethon

“I want to thank you for your spectacular contribution…you have a wonderful talent.” …Tipper Gore, Washington, D.C.

“With Matthew, we have the punch line…that’s the part of the gift.  I think Matthew has the ability to connect with people.  He really reaches deep within himself to do that.” …Frederick Morden, former Conductor, Altoona Symphony Orchestra

“From the moment he stepped up to the microphone, you knew that God had touched and inspired this fine young man.  The wisdom and talent he showed was astounding.  I encourage everyone to go and listen to Matthew.  It would be well worth any amount of money you had to pay.” …Susan Housel, Pennsylvania

“Your stage presence and talent brought the house down.  Everyone is still talking about you.  They will never forget your performance.” …Kitty S. Lansdale, Producer, 50th Anniversary Salute to UNICEF

About the “Author” 

“I really enjoyed reading this book (The Titanic). There were a lot of things I was finally able to better understand about the events of that night.” …iBooks User

“Great book and great way of relaying the facts. Good job (The Titanic).”  …NCBOY1982 (iBooks User)

“The informal style that discusses the public fascination with the Titanic is a more emotional take on a subject that has been dispassionately discussed many times.” …Daninsc (iBooks User)

“I found this book (The Titanic) incredibly interesting and riveting. Couldn’t put it down from the first page.”  …SandmansHis (iBooks User)

“Brilliant book. Best Titanic account ever written.”  …JT MacDonald

“I started reading this book (The Titanic) and became so engaged in it that I actually had to put it up on a shelf so I wouldn’t be tempted to pick it up and read it when I was supposed to be working. Loved it.” …Catherine McCorkle, Dauphin County Historical Society