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Welcome to the multimedia page for Blind Faith Ministries. Be sure you have a broadband, LTE, or 4G internet connection to watch and listen to the media on this page. This section is constantly being updated with new content, so check back often.

Audio and Video Clips

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Because they roared, the world is a better place. Watch a powerful tribute video, and start making a difference. After all, when you roar, the whole world wakes up and listens.

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Watch a Complete Speech

Watch Matt deliver the powerful message, “Finding the Voice in You” to the middle school students of the Fannett-Metal School District. At approximately one hour in length, this energetic keynote presents a message that is relevant to people of all ages and in almost any situation. Complete with music, humor, and a very special surprise skit, “Finding the Voice in You” is sure to get you thinking and maybe even change your life.

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Singing at Salsas

Matt has been singing periodically at Salsas Mexican Grill in Bedford PA. We are pleased to offer two videos from one of his sets:


Matt Singing with The Hoppers

On April 18, 2014, Matt had the incredible honor of sharing the stage with one of his favorite groups – the Hoppers. Known as America’s favorite family of Gospel music, the Hoppers travel the world delivering powerful messages of hope and God’s love through their energetic and meaningful songs, their great humor and stories, and their deep love for God and for all people. Regardless of your beliefs about God, you are sure to be touched by their songs and their ministry.
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For more information about the Hoppers, click Here.

Matt as Elvis

You might as well not ask why, but let’s just say that on occasion, Matt Vollbrecht has performed as none other than “the King of Rock n’ Roll” – complete with costume and all. Watch this two-part Elvis performance now.
Watch Part 1
Watch Part 2

Audio Book Sample:

We are pleased to offer Matt’s latest book, Titanic – The Most Complete Story Ever Told, as a professionally narrated audio book – complete with background music, author commentary, and an exclusive interview of a cruise line employee. For a limited time, when you purchase the audio book in any available format, you will also receive a copy of the book in EPUB format – great for reading on your iPad, iPhone, Kindle, or other digital e-reader device.

Click the link below to read and hear an excerpt from the book:

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Matthew’s Music:

As part of many events, Matt often sings powerful and inspirational songs. We are pleased to offer one complete song for your listening pleasure. Stream it any time you have an internet connection.

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We don’t just stay behind the walled garden of our own website. We like to get out there and mix it up a bit. Here are links to a few places we’ve left our footprints:


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Photo Galleries

Very soon, we will give you the opportunity to access some really cool pics in iCloud Photo Journals and on Flicker. Check back for those links. For now, just imagine that the photos are already here. Don’t they look fantastic?;)

Rising Star Music Competition

Visit the Rising Star YouTube Channel:
See the regional singing competition that has so many people talking – and singing! Also, keep checking the Blind Faith Ministries site for details on the next season of Rising Star.

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