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Welcome to BFM Life Quest! This page will provide an overview of exactly what Life Quest is, how it works, and how you can be part of this awesome, life-changing experience. Should you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to Contact us.

What Is Life Quest

Introducing a whole new way to live…introducing Life Quest!

Life Quest is the ultimate expression of openness, acceptance, understanding, and true love. It’s not a church by any means – not even close, it’s not just another service organization, and it’s not just a discussion group. It’s something much bigger. Once you experience Life Quest, we think you’ll stick around. Why? Because in Life Quest, you can be yourself – simply because that’s who you are.

Life Quest is a Blind Faith Ministries project which strives to do the following:

  • Provide an environment for people to realize their own worthiness and potential, to freely search for truth, and to unite over common bonds and goals
  • Help others through open understanding and love
  • Work to create a better life and a better world for all

Presiding over Life Quest is the common theme of complete love, respect, and acceptance for all, and the understanding that we are strengthened by what makes us different – and united by what we have in common. Below you will find more details on each of our three objectives and the principles that guide us.

First Objective

Our first goal is to provide an environment for people to realize their own worthiness and potential, to freely search for truth, and to unite over common bonds and goals. At the core of this objective is the belief that everyone on this Earth is unique, equal, and worthy of love and respect, that every living creature is important for the establishment called life, that we are all perfect and beautiful right now, and that there is a spark of the divine in all of us. We believe that everyone and everything in the universe has an incredible, positive energy that can be harnessed for the common good.

Essential to this objective is an agreement on equality and worthiness. No matter who you are, where you come from, where you’re going, or how you intend to get there, regardless of what you believe, what you don’t believe, how you look, who you love, how you love, or anything else about you, you are welcome and worthy, and we love you for exactly who you are – you are the embodiment of beautiful perfection and unheard-of potential.

What We Do

In order to facilitate this objective, we meet Regularly, every Tuesday from 4:30-6:30 PM, to explore, discuss, search for truth, and soak up the beauty and power of life. We will use many different resources and ideals, including but not limited to:

  • Individual, unique ideas, thoughts, and inspirations
  • Science
  • Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Scriptures and traditions
  • Buddhist Scriptures
  • Humanism and reasoning
  • Earth-based traditions
  • Ancient and modern writings, music, poetry, inventions, and experiences from other people and ourselves
  • Much more

For those who choose to believe in God as a literal, personified being, perhaps our creator and divine loving counselor, perhaps revealed to us through Jesus Christ or in other ways, you will find your faith nurtured in this environment. In fact, we believe that revelation is not closed, and God still speaks to us today. We also believe that our own revelations, perhaps given by God, are just as important and authoritative as books considered to be holy.

For those who do not believe in God, or for those who believe in some form of God, or “god”, particularly in nature without a personification (no sole creator), you will also be incredibly nurtured. We do not require adherence to any particular beliefs. In fact, we strongly encourage every participant to explore beliefs different from his/her own. There is beauty in all people and all things, and God, or god, is everywhere, in everything, and in all of us. Equal air time will be given to humanism, science, the arts, reasoning, earth-based traditions, etc. We can be inspired by the lyrics or melody of a song, by a beautiful sunset, and by anything else in life. On any given day, we can and often do experience countless examples of divine power and positive energy.

In summary, during our time together, we will freely question and explore, discuss, sing, dance, some may pray, others may meditate, and all will exist and breathe together. Additionally, we plan to examine people who have served as beautiful examples of love and of courage, so that we may glean from their lives the positive characteristics they bring to the world. We will also examine ourselves, knowing that we all possess amazing potential and incredible characteristics that can change the world.

Second Objective

Our second goal is to help others through open understanding and love. Again as with our first objective, this revolves around the essential understanding that we are all equal and worthy of love and respect. Exactly how this second objective plays out may differ from person to person. It never means trying to tell others how to live their lives or what they should or should not say or do, and it never means trying to force any beliefs on others. What it does mean is that we listen, support, and generally serve other women and men we encounter along life’s way. Sometimes, just being a friend is all that’s necessary to fulfill this objective. Others may wish to take a more active approach, and together we will help each participant to realize her/his strengths and purposes or to nurture what they already know to be their inner passions. It is because of this second objective that all participants will be referred to as Life Quest angels. Many interpretations exist for the word “angel”. Some think of angels as divine beings that watch over and protect us. Others imagine beings with six eyes or sets of eyes around their heads. It is possible for people to subscribe to more than one belief, but beyond all of that, what if the angels are the people who by God, the universe, fate, coincidence, or anything else, are brought together to be a lifeline for one another and a support system to make our lives a little easier and make us smile a little more? What if those are the angels? And so, we will strive to be the angels for each other and for other people we encounter.

What We Do

While this second goal is very personal and will likely not be the same for any two people, there are a few activities which will be available for all to participate in – the goal of which is this very same objective. There is amazing power in community gatherings, social events, and fellowship. Numerous opportunities for these activities will exist – events such as movie nights, dances, parties, and our dinner and meditation walk just to name a few.

Additionally, Life Quest Radio will be a live, weekly online radio show. The first part of this show will allow us to discuss current events, various people and books, and much more. We will conduct interviews, share in conversation, and enjoy laughter and fun. The second portion of the show will be the call-in segment, where people of all ages can talk to us live and receive advice, support, understanding, and love. You can learn more about the radio show later on this page.

Third Objective

The third goal of Life Quest is to work to create a better life and a better world for all. By now it should be clear about our common beliefs in the equality, worthiness, and potential in all people. We believe that in order to facilitate these ideals, service projects, volunteer work, and other community events are absolutely essential. We want to help protect our constitution, further women’s rights, help break down biases related to gender, race, color, religion, etc, and to help those with limited resources. We want to work with and help the LGBTQ community, as we believe that no sexual orientation or gender identity should be looked down upon, and no person should ever be discriminated against regardless of their sexual preference or gender identity. We want to help the children of our community and the world. We want to help those who are homeless, hungry, in need of medical care, and those who need emotional support. In some cases, we will join existing organizations as volunteers and supporters, while in other cases we will host our own events which will be open to people of all ages.

What We Do

BFM Life Quest will be very active in humanitarian efforts, volunteer work, service projects, and community events. Here are some specific examples of groups or events we are planning to work with or host:

Groups We Will Join and/or Support:

  • Various food banks
  • Bedford County and other humane societies
  • The LGBT Center of Central PA and other LGBTQ organizations
  • Greater Harrisburg area and other Habitat for Humanity groups
  • The ACLU
  • The Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights
  • (RED)
  • World Humanitarian Day (Messengers of Humanity)

Events We Will Host

  • Holiday food and gift-giving projects
  • Community picnics and rallies
  • The Festival of the Flowers
  • Education and School initiatives which serve to promote our values through character education

Who Should Join

Absolutely anyone can join Life Quest. There are no restrictions whatsoever. Again, regardless your age, background, ethnicity, race, color, creed, religious beliefs or lack-there-of, financial status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or anything else, you are welcome and encouraged to join. We ask only one thing – that you agree to uphold our basic beliefs stated above and refrain from any activities or organizations which promote any kind of hate, discrimination, or negative energies.

Life Quest may be of particular interest to you if any or all of the following are true:

  • You have ever felt unloved, unworthy, or awkward
  • You are still trying to find yourself and figure out what you believe
  • You just don’t seem to fit in
  • You feel like you have no one to talk to, no one who will listen to you, and no one who gets you and understands you
  • You have ever felt like a failure
  • You have become disheartened by the inequality in this world
  • You have been shunned or criticized by people of various religious affiliations or by anyone else for any reason
  • You are tired of, or you reject, traditional religions and religious beliefs
  • You have been shunned, discouraged, or otherwise made to feel like less a person by family, authority figures, etc
  • You need help of some sort
  • You have been physically, verbally, emotionally, or sexually abused, or you have been hurt in any way
  • You always, or even sometimes, feel like an outsider
  • You believe there has to be something better out there – for you and for the world
  • You want to make a difference in the world and want to change lives
  • You want to be part of a loving support system – both for giving and receiving

Additional Information

Remember, Life Quest meets every Tuesday, and you can join us In Person or Online. There is no cost to join Life Quest, although we do accept donations. In Life Quest, there are no limits, no rules, and no taboos. This is the most open, accepting, and loving environment you will ever be part of. In Life Quest you are completely free – free to be, act, think, say, and do anything and everything – free to explore and live your own life as you see fit. Come as you are, and stay because you want to. We will make you feel like the most important person in the world – because you are – we all are.

Radio Show

Our radio show will begin this Fall. For more information on the Life Quest radio show, please click This Link.

Projects, Events, and Initiatives


Learn all about this brand-new education initiative that is sure to change the lives of countless middle and high school students and staff. Find Out More

Life Quest and Chatroom Meetings:

Where: The Union Hotel and Restaurant, 128 East Main St, Everett, PA 15537

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When: Every Tuesday at 4:30:PM

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Our Life Quest meetings will begin at 4:30, and our Chatrrom sessions begin at 5:30. Come for one or both – the choice is yours. Bring all your friends and family. These meetings are free and open to all ages. Relax, order a meal or a snack, sing, dance, pray, meditate, discuss, share thoughts and ideas, and be part of everything that’s going on with BFM, or just sit and take in your surroundings. There are no right or wrong answers. Come as you are, and stay because you want to.

Check out our Calendar for up-to-date information on all BFM and Life Quest events.

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Support Life Quest

We genuinely appreciate your desire to further our cause. By supporting Life Quest, not only are you helping out with some tremendous projects, but you are also sending a message of hope, love and encouragement. You are indicating that you want to be part of changing the world. Please find below the information that’s right for you.

Local Spotlight

If you own or represent a business, company, or other types of services, there may be opportunities for you to join forces with Life Quest through our Local Spotlight Program. Local Spotlight gives us a chance to share your awesome business with the world, while giving you a chance to change the world. Click to Learn More


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