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Looking for the perfect motivational speaker, assembly, or student and family program for your middle and high school students? Want to address overwhelming issues and concerns like bullying, suicide, high school dropout rates, teen pregnancy, substance abuse, and more? Looking for a character education program that will inspire, motivate, and empower students and staff alike – encouraging them to love and respect one another, dream big, and work hard to achieve their dreams? Want to make your students and faculty feel good about themselves so they will be more successful in school and in life? Look no further! You’ve come to the right place! Introducing the BFM ROAR Program!

Please Note: BFM also offers messages and programs for businesses, churches, community leaders, and more. If you are not a middle or high school student, staff member, or other individual representing a school district or other K-12 educational institution but are still interested in what BFM can do for you, please click This Link. Otherwise, read on to find out how BFM is transforming the lives of students and staff across the country.

Project Overview

Welcome to the BFM ROAR Program! BFM ROAR strives to change lives and empowers others to change the world. We do this through high-energy, motivational messages, assemblies, community events, and other programs that focus on character education, developing a positive self-image, instilling a sense of the innate worthiness and potential of every individual, and encouraging others to dream big and then work hard to achieve their dreams.

Whether you are looking for a powerful and uplifting message that will help students to feel good about themselves and feel like they can make a difference, or you need a more targeted program to address such issues as bullying, suicide, teen pregnancy, high dropout rates, and more, BFM has the program that’s just right for you.

For Students

After listening to our messages, students will walk away with:

  • An understanding that they are worthy of love and respect – just as they are – regardless of how they look, what groups they’re in, or anything else, and the realization of the need to show that same respect to others
  • A reminder to be themselves and not change just to fit in – not to cave to peer pressure or other perceived expectations
  • Tools and strategies for dealing with and resolving conflict in a peaceful and positive way that promotes understanding and healthy relationships
  • An understanding that every individual has incredible power and the potential to make a difference in the world, and to improve the lives of those in our community, our nation, and all around the globe
  • Encouragement to dream big, to reach for those dreams, to possess a “failure is not an option” mentality, and to substantiate that mentality with focus, hard work, and a positive attitude.

For Teachers:

Our program strives to do the following for teachers, administrators, and other faculty and staff:

  • Raise awareness of the growing need for encouragement and empowerment in a world of ever-increasing expectations, pressures, and negativity
  • Provide various tools, resources, and strategies for dealing with some common issues such as conflict, bullying, suicide, apathy, and more.

Philosophy Behind the Design

Our programs, regardless their exact structure and duration, all hold the same common philosophies:

  • That all students have incredible potential and the basic desires and needs to give and receive love, and to generally do well and be successful
  • That no one is an island – that parents or other family, teachers, and the entire community play a vital role in student success
  • That if individuals feel good about themselves, they will be more respectful of others, will dream bigger, work harder, and overall be more successful.

The BFM Difference

So you’ve had speakers and assemblies before, and the results have been marginal at best, right? Who hasn’t sat through that high school assembly, thinking thoughts like, “That speaker is so out-of-touch” or, “They have no idea what I’m going through; they just don’t get it”? Enter BFM. All BFM programs, no matter how they are packaged or presented, offer some unique strategies that set them apart from many others:

  • “Check-in Before”: School districts have the option of allowing us to meet with certain key people, once or on multiple occasions, in-person or remotely, to discuss the particular issues affecting students at that school. This may mean meeting with teachers, guidance counselors, and even select students. “Check-in Before” allows BFM to have a better understanding of your school’s environment and to create a custom program to fit your needs.
  • “Follow-ups”: Similar to “Check-in Before”, we offer the option of revisiting your school and again talking with various individuals or groups to help implement some of the tools and strategies we will have recommended during our programs. As we often say, it’s fine to be inspired and motivated at the Friday night rally, but what do you do on Monday? BFM Follow-ups are the answer.
  • “Messages Enriched”: None of our programs, even once-and-done assemblies, could ever be enough if they were just simple speeches. That’s why every BFM message also includes a variety of audience-participation activities, engaging role-plays or other demonstrations, humor, multimedia presentations, and vocal performance – the latter which has often been said to provide an unmatched emotional connection between the speaker and the audience.
  • “Student Elevation”: We feel that student-empowerment is critical to student success, so in our programs, students will be more than just spectators; they’ll be essential, dynamic parts of the direction of everything we do.
  • “Experience-based Messages”: We know how to relate to the audiences we work with. This helps to prevent the feeling of disconnect that often occurs when a perceived “authority figure” attempts to relate to and challenge a group of students.
  • Chatroom: Chatroom is a unique BFM option that facilitates student-lead discussion in an informal, safe, and nonjudgmental environment. This can take place in small or large groups and in a variety of settings. In Chatroom, the discussion is lead by the most important key players – the audience. Of course we can also offer a range of more traditional panel discussions if so desired.

Presentation Options

Standard Assembly

With the standard assembly, students will be encouraged through one powerful and high-energy presentation to take place at the time of your choosing. Similar to most assemblies, this can last for one or two class periods or a specified amount of time that you predetermine.

Full-Day Program

This powerful package offers the opportunity for students to meet with us in small groups and as a whole. A variety of activities can take place with this program. Separate workshops for faculty, staff, and administration can also be included.

Family Time Assembly

This option can be combined with either of the above options and will include an evening event geared towards encouraging parents and community members to get involved in the education of our youth. Evening activities can be specifically tailored around your preferences and can include such things as picnics/meals, outdoor activities, game night, fine arts night, and much more. The evening can conclude with a short but powerful message of encouragement.

Longterm Involvement

Although all of our above packages do offer the various aforementioned options – the follow-ups, “Check-in Before”, “Chatroom” etc, some schools may wish to have BFM offer multiple assemblies, Chatrooms, training sessions, and more throughout a given semester or school year. We can provide this in our Longterm Involvement Program which allows us to offer a basic introductory assembly and training session and then provide various challenges and activities which are to be completed before our next assembly or activity. Up to three separate assemblies and several additional activities can be included in this program.

Program Costs

The cost of having the BFM ROAR Program in your school can vary depending on a number of factors, including school demographics and selected services. Contact us below to learn more.

Get Started

We believe “ROAR” can be an important first step in the direction of creating a mentor relationship among faculty and students, and BFM strongly urges your participation. To learn more, please call 814-652-9966. You may also email your inquiries to, or complete the form below, and we’ll get back to you within one-two business days.

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  1. BFM ROAR, Chatroom, and all BFM services provide open, nonjudgmental, and confidential environments for participants to share their feelings. While we make every attempt to honor requests for confidentiality, we will also comply with government, school district, and other laws and regulations which govern the access by administrators, guidance counselors, parents, and other authorities to potentially pertinent information.
  2. BFM ROAR and Chatroom are initiatives of BFM LifeQuest. Click to Learn More