Introducing BFM ROAR

Today we begin to revolutionize the way middle and high school students and staff are inspired, motivated, challenged, and empowered. Blind Faith Ministries is pleased to introduce the BFM ROAR Program – a powerful education initiative aimed at bettering the lives of middle and high school students and staff across the country. BFM offers a contemporary alternative to traditional character education programs, school assemblies, and other programs that see only marginal results.

With BFM ROAR, every school receives a customized program – created to meet the needs of students in that school. No two programs may be exactly alike, but all will promote the same powerful ideals of worthiness, understanding, peace, a “failure is not an option” work ethic, and of course, the four terms from which our acronym is derived (ROAR) – responsibility, opportunity, acceptance, and respect. All programs feature powerful and unique ways of relating to our audience and making them more than just spectators. We put students front and center – making them feel as important as they really are. We also use creative activities, multimedia, music, and a whole lot more to keep listeners on the edge of their seats.

As if this were not enough, we also offer special packages that encourage parents, community members, and others to be involved in the education of our youth. Best of all, we don’t just come, do our thing, and leave. In stead, we’ll meet with people from each school on multiple occasions before and after our events to make recommendations and facilitate the implementation of Collaborative strategies that will help everyone to reach their potential. So, whether you want a program to inspire everyone, or whether you need a program that is targeted to such issues as suicide, bullying, dropout rates, teen pregnancy, substance abuse, and more, we’ve got the program that’s just right for you.

Students, parents, friends, teachers, and everyone else, please share this with your local schools and ask them to consider making BFM ROAR a part of their plans. We are so excited about BFM ROAR, that we couldn’t help making a podcast to announce it. Read more, listen to the podcast, and watch a powerful ROAR video by visiting This Page.

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